Cross Cultural Management

Working abroad

Clé Conseil is a leading cross-cultural training, coaching and global management consulting firm that has been helping companies develop culturally savvy leaders and teams, in different countries and cultures (North,West and East Afrika, North-Europe, France, United Arab Emirates, ...).

We bring unique cultural insights and strategies, as we develop the cross-cultural awareness, management and communication competencies needed to help people in operational Excellence succeed.

We help global leaders and their cross-border teams excel, and make extraordinary things happen as they work together, while avoiding the cultural pitfalls that can significantly hinder their business success.

The Founder C. Lagorce a leading cross-cultural consultant, trainer coach and management educator is double culture originally.

She leads this specialized practice, assisted by other Country Specialists, who have in-depth expertise of leadership development and teamwork in several countries.

Cultures difference = Addition of new possibilities

Clé Conseil helps

  • To Identify the critical Cross-cultural Challenges in global organizations
  • To coach and prepare Leaders & Country Managers to work more effectively in different countries
  • To develop leaders to be able to inspire and manage their cross-cultural and virtual teams
  • To train and facilitate these diverse Cross-border Teams to collaborate for success
  • To provide cross-cultural training and cross-cultural consulting to develop Cultural Competencies in people working globally
  • To recommend innovative HR Strategies to build dynamic global organizations
  • To provide key cultural insights to ensure multinational collaborations succeed (JVs, Global Partnerships, etc.)
  • To develop country-specific approaches (Doing Business in Afrika/ Germany etc.)

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