Troubles in words

Working with managers, teams and organizations, all the staff of CLE CONSEIL have been regularly confronted with different kinds of suffering, unwell being, personally or and professionally, both often acting together...

That’s why whe decided to propose to our clients and everybody who could need help, a psychological reception in our consulting office, or by phone or Skype...

If you are experiencing an emotional period, a lack of self esteem, disturbing by stress or emotional disturbance..., chronical anxiety, or just the desire of living it’s own life, we can offer you a psychosocial support in order to research in your inside the main resources you need.

Based on the principle that "The best is in you", we are committed to enabling and empowering you to provide you the best healings by different therapies.

Trained to the systemic behavioral approach, C. Lagorce followed a jungian psychological certification process. She is graduate of transactional analysis and had been focused on different therapies learnt through her professional background. Then she combines managerial and organizational methodologies with therapeutic practices as mentioned below.

She created first "the Academy of Wellbeing at work" ; also worked in a variety of environment (industry, health, services...) and today she proposes a complete approach.

She worked in a variety of environnments within industry, health, ...and today she is focusing on "How to transmit the keys of wellbeing in all circumstances , professional or personal".

She belongs to the Experts Committee of Psychology '', where her articles can inspire personally and professionally.

"I am not what happened to me, but what I choose to become"
Carl Jung

Different approaches are proposed:

  • Cognitive behavorial therapies that allow you to work quickly on certain troubles and problems.
  • PBA (psycho-bio-acupressure) 5 point short pressure therapy to restore the body’s energy circuits, according to established and specific protocols.
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technic) to work on our emotional reactions using our energy meridians
  • Mindfulness (which I have practised and taught during twenty years) is an amazing way for destressing and becoming aware of its own resources.

I take part in regular practice exchanges between French and foreign practitioners whose approaches interact for the well being of patients on wellness at home and at work...

I consult in French and English, and receive in a neutral and soothing place, children, adolescents, adults and couples on topics such as:

  • Develop self-confidence and serenity, be good with yourself, false self
  • Find assertiveness and sel esteem...
  • Be good at work, work stress, prevent and get out of burn out
  • Develop performance and potential
  • Reduce anxiety, sleep disorders, addictions...
  • Intellectually precocious and hypersensitive, and Adult High Potential or multi-talented
  • We also organize thematic workshops and discussion groups (businesses and institutions).